Marvel Swimsuit Special: Persuasion
by Jason Palmer
Timestamp: 1406664257
From Sketch to Cover: Original Sin #5 variant cover by Arthur Adams
Timestamp: 1406660584
From sketch to cover: Legendary Star-Lord #1 variant cover by Ryan Stegman
Timestamp: 1406606455
From sketch to print: Legendary Star-Lord #1
pencil by Paco Medina / ink by Juan Vlasco
Timestamp: 1406602859
Marvel Swimsuit Special: Quasar
by Andy Smith & Brad Vancata
Timestamp: 1406599287
Marvel Swimsuit Special: Nightmare & Roxanne
by Joe Bennet & Mike Witherby
Timestamp: 1406595707
Marvel Swimsuit Special: Silver Sable 
by Adam Hughes
Timestamp: 1406592121
From sketch to print: Detective Comics #33 by Francis Manapul
Timestamp: 1406588506
Marvel Swimsuit Special: Val Cooper
by Adam Hughes, Mark Farmer, & Gregory Wright
Timestamp: 1406584951
Legendary Star-Lord #1 variant cover by Nick Bradshaw
Timestamp: 1406581328